September Kick Off

Steve Allender kicked off our first Black Hills Leadership Luncheon on Wednesday, September 16, 2015.  His speech was titled Leadership and Other Ramblings, but it was far from rambling.  Steve talked about the importance of exercise in leadership and spoke of the ways you can do this through practice, courage, discernment, willingness, imagination, restraint, flexibility, and rigidity.  Each one of those exercises comes with the courage to make a decision and to be fair.   Steve shared that it is not all about policy books; people are human and have things in life they are dealing with and as leaders we should show more grace.  He gave some advice on activities to do daily: read your news daily (not hourly), read, exercise, prayer/ meditation/quiet time, forgiveness and reset.  This is the maintenance needed for all of us as leaders.  The book of daily leadership and devotions suggested by Steve was Leadership Promises for Everyday by John Maxwell.

We here at Black Hills Leadership Development are honored and blessed to have Steve take time out of his busy schedule to speak to our group.  Special thanks go out to the amazing job done by the Adoba hotel, and our sponsor for this month, WinSupply of Rapid City.